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"It's very hard to ask an owner to buy their business and to run, if you've never walked a similar path that an entrepreneur has taken."

Why Us

There are many reasons why to partner with Evergreen Growth Partners. 

100% focused

In a traditional PE firm, investors are split among many investments within their portfolio. EGP's goal is to pour our time and resources into one company - your company.

Diverse investors centered on former operators and entrepreneurs

We understand the difference between running a business and being a professional investor. We are a diverse set of individuals and institutions, with backgrounds as business leaders, former operators, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Creative and flexible deal structure

We are not a turnaround investment firm. We seek to buy healthy, growing businesses. We seek creative and flexible deal structures that give owners future upside. 

Efficient investment process & certainty of close

As former operators and entrepreneurs, we understand everyone's time is valuable, especially yours. We intentionally built a lean investment process to seek certainty of close.

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