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Our Process

Our goal is to make the investment process efficient and transparent to seek certainty of close. Our collective experiences suggest this is the best path for a Win-Win outcome. 

1. Introductory calls

In 1-2 calls, we discuss confidentially your situation and what your goals are for your business and yourself. We also answer any questions you might have about us.

2. NDA

After signing a mutual NDA, we begin deeper conversations about your business. Often we are able to quickly arrive at a ballpark valuation.

3. Letter of Intent (LOI)

Based off of our first few conversations, we submit a LOI that more specifically outlines the valuation for your business.

4. Looking under the hood

If both parties remain excited about the direction of the deal, we spend time with you to better understand the business details needed to get both of us across the finish line.

5. Deal terms

After taking into account everyone's business goals and your personal goals, we work together to develop the final terms.

6. Close

The last step is to close the deal and move forward with the investment and partnership.

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